Let Your New Year Resolution Be to Scan Your Cherished Photos

by | Last updated Mar 28, 2023 | Published on Jan 18, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Scan Your Cherished PhotosPhotographs are always a wonderful way to remember the cherished moments of your life, but photos deteriorate with time. This deterioration and loss of your valuable assets can be avoided by making electronic copies of your photos with document scanning solutions. So let scanning your cherished photographs be one of your New Year resolutions.

Scanning comes with many advantages – it enables quick sharing of images through emails and other digital media; safeguarding them for a long time by storing them in reliable storage devices; and you can access these photos whenever you want from any location. It also helps to save costs on paper, print, cartridges, stamps, file folders, stationery and so on. The method of scanning may vary depending on the type of software used for scanning. You can either scan into black and white image or color image and it can be converted into any format like JPEG, TIF, PNG and BMP. However, the TIF file format allows huge amounts of memory storage. Another important choice of resolution, choosing a minimum of 300dpi offers quality output even after enlarging.

Easy Way of Scanning Photos with Your Mobile

This is the age of mobile devices and Google Photos is one of the best photo management tools you can have. The new PhotoScan app enabled in Android and iOS phones helps in scanning a photo efficiently. Once you capture the photo, the app recognizes the four corners of the frame and displays circle overlays on each corner. Point your phone camera at each circle, create a robust scan of the image and PhotoScan takes up the work from that point. This four-corner scanning process is advantageous because it eliminates various aspects of digital deterioration including reflections. Once the photo is captured, it is backed up online and added to your Google Photos library.

Apart from PhotoScan, Google has announced various new editing features for all users of Google Photos. This is a new version of Auto Enhance that uses excellent exposure and saturation levels, a dozen new “looks” that adapt their effects in keeping with the attributes of each photo and new controls for color and light levels.

Large-scale Digitization with Document Scanning Services

When large scale digitization of photos and other records such as maps, wills, charts, old letters, pension records, marriage records, birth records, baptism records, military records and such other records is involved, the ideal option is to hire professional document scanning services that would ensure top-notch scanning according to your specific requirements.

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