Importance Of eBook Conversion Service For The Publishing Industry

by | Published on Jan 19, 2022 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Are you a voracious reader? Do you prefer reading books in their printed version or the digital version? Many people love the look and feel of printed books while there are others who prefer to read their favorite books on digital platforms like Kindle. However, in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, digital platforms for reading have witnessed a considerable surge in the number of people utilizing them.

People are divided as regards the better type of reading. Some assert that the pleasure of reading they get from printed books would be missing when reading the same book on the digital platform. However, the easy accessibility and availability of books from different parts of the world invites the attention of more and more people to digital platforms. Today, authors are also increasingly relying upon digital platforms for publishing their work. In this scenario, document scanning companies play a key role. Such companies provide eBook conversion service to convert printed books to digital ones.

eBook conversion services convert printed books from one format to another such as:

  • Word file to E-Pub
  • PDF to E-Pub
  • In Design to E-Pub

Relevance of eBook Conversion Services

  • Preserving Books

The pages of printed books often begin to fade with time. As a result, the book might face gradual destruction. eBook conversion companies can convert those books into digital format. Thereby, the books are safely preserved for long without any damage. They can even convert old books into digital format so that people get easy accessibility to such books as well.

  • Easy Marketing

Unlike printed books, digital books have easy accessibility. Thus, digital books are more popular than printed books. With printed books, only one copy or limited copies may be available in the market. Thus, you may have to wait for a long time to read a favorite book. On the other hand, if the book is converted digitally, unlimited number of copies are available for a single book and people can access it at any time. No waiting period is applicable for digital books. You can also share the same book with others. As a result, the popularity of the books also increases within a very short span of time, even that of the books of not-so-famous authors.

  • Cost-efficiency

You can save a huge amount by hiring eBook conversion services. For traditional printed books, authors have to spend a huge amount for the printing. However, if they opt for a digital release, hiring a document scanning company is the best option. Authors can benefit from cost-efficient eBook conversion, less hassles and excellent outcomes. They would have to pay only for software, promotion and so on, which cost much less than printing books. Thus, eBook conversion companies would save your money and time.

  • Environment-friendly Policy

eBooks are environment-friendly because the books are electronic versions. There is no use of paper, and consequently there is no paper waste or environmental pollution.

  • Preservation of Original Versions of Historical or Ancient Books

The major advantage of digitalizing books is that through this process, the books which are on the verge of destruction can be saved and preserved for a longer term.

  • Improves Quality

If required, the format of the original text can be changed to increase readability on the digital platform. When done professionally, the quality of the digital version can be improved. Before publishing the book, any mistakes are corrected so that the digital version is error-free and provides a great reading experience.

  • Can Include the Provision for Audio Narration

Some people can’t read books. Aiming such people, an eBook conversion service can convert the entire book into audio format and upload it on the digital reading platforms. It would help small children, aged people, as well as those who are visually impaired.

  • Diverse Features Are Included

After uploading a book, interactive features can be included. You can provide the provision for marking the reader’s rating, reading experience as well as the review about the book after reading. The other features include bookmarks, which help to retrieve pages, words or phrases.

The popularity of digital books is increasing day by day. The major reason behind this popularity is that, digital books can be accessed anywhere even when you travel. Most popular digital platforms contain a large collection of books from authors from different parts of the world, so that book lovers can enjoy a royal feast. eBook conversion services help authors convert their works digitally with high precision and efficiency. They would make the books error-free and of high quality. Thus, hiring a document conversion company is the best option for authors looking to popularize their works on digital platforms.

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