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How to Protect Confidential Information from Extreme Weather This Winter


Winter is considered a beautiful time of the year. It is the time for celebrations, holidays and fun activities. However, the winter season brings a variety of adverse weather extremes including heavy snow, ice accumulation, freezing temperatures and wind chill. Many parts of the United States are at risk for winter flooding. U.S News reported that, New El Nino could possibly bring heavy rainfall and flooding to some parts of the United States in this winter. Therefore, businesses should focus on document security to ensure that important records are protected from the extreme weather. Storms and flooding cause travel disruption, issues on the roads, airports and ferries, so businesses will probably face disruptions regarding travel, staff unable to get to work, school closures, transport delays and the possibility of office flooding. This can even cause significant problems for organizations, especially to those who need to regularly access company documents to carry out business processes. Companies using storage lock-ups to keep their confidential records may also be affected in flooding, as flooding can cause the documents to damp and ultimately damage them. Many companies store their confidential data in off-site containers. If they are not efficiently secured, then this could result in data theft.

Confidential Information

The best solution to this problem is to convert all the paper documents into electronic format. Partnering with a reliable document scanning company helps scan and convert your paper documents into the required formats including Word, Text, PDF, TIFF, and JPG. Digitizing the documents can protect your paperwork from being lost or damaged and also enable employees to easily locate and share relevant documents. Documents that are converted into digital format can be easily accessed from anywhere online, thereby allowing companies to be operational even if the employees are not able to come to office. Digitizing offers document security and makes files easily searchable. It protects data from being accessed by unauthorized personnel and eliminates the need for paper copies.

Outsourcing document scanning tasks to professional document scanning companies helps store your documents securely in their purpose-built archive facility. This will be beneficial for organizations that rely heavily on paperwork. In addition, scan-on-demand solution provided by a document scanning service provider allows businesses to receive a digital version of archived files within 2 hours of requesting it.

Other benefits of outsourcing your documents to an experienced document scanning company are:

  • Ensures the security and protection of sensitive business documents with temperature gauges, flooding and fire defenses as well as biometric entry security systems to prevent damage and theft
  • Helps retrieve documents easily with the company’s scan-on-demand services
  • Offers fast search functionality for documents with the cloud document management system
  • Allows documents to be accessed from any location online
  • Improves productivity by not wasting employee time on filing and searching for relevant files
  • Helps increase office space by securely storing documents off site.

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