How to Eliminate Data Entry Errors

by | Published on Aug 26, 2015 | Data Entry Services

Data Entry ErrorsFor data entry operators, accuracy as well as speed is equally important. These personnel are under a lot of pressure to provide the results on time. In such pressurized situations, more errors are likely to creep in. These errors include incorrect information, misspellings, and entry of invalid value. The simplest data entry mistakes can lead to serious problems or even law suits.

In January 2015, it was reported that the temporary error in the data entry system at NHS Borders affected the treatment time guarantee (TTG) for many patients.

According to the new Experian Data Quality global benchmark report 2015,

  • 81% of companies believe facts and figures are essential to their marketing success
  • On an average, 32 percent of U.S. organizations believe their data is inaccurate

Here are certain tips that can help eliminate errors.

  • Double check – Double check any entry before you save or post it. Running the spell checker and reviewing your work will help to maintain accuracy. A simple overall check would do wonders in reducing careless mistakes. Many BPO firms offer the services of professional editors and proofreaders who provide clients with high quality data entry services.
  • Know your keyboard – The fastest way to enter information is to type without looking at the keyboard with all 10 fingers. Choose ergonomic, flat or standard keyboards based on your comfort. Memorize the location of keys to type quickly. Do learn short cuts such as Ctrl + c for copy and Ctrl + v for paste that makes your job easier.
  • Practice typing skills – You can choose free online programs to improve your typing speed. Knowledge of database software, spreadsheets and word processing is also helpful.
  • Choose a comfortable work space – Errors are likely to occur when your concentration and attention is unfocused. Relocate your chair and place your keyboard directly in front to get an even height with your work desk. Ensure you have access to proper lighting, wrist support, and glare-reduction supplies.
  • Use practical Excel features – While entering figures in MS Excel, use:
    • Data Validation feature that can eliminate inappropriate data
    • AutoComplete feature matches previous entries to the current input
    • On-the-fly pick list – a combination of AutoComplete and a data validation list. This will display a pick list of unique values, based on the values in the previous rows

Errors can be minimized if entering facts, figures and statistics is performed with minute attention to detail and complete involvement. Businesses can definitely benefit from a professional data entry company that ensure error-free reports with maximum speed, within customized turnaround time.

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