How Professional Data Entry Specialists Can Help a Business

by | Published on Nov 2, 2018 | Data Entry Services

Data entry is an important process in any business organization. It is the process of collecting data from various sources and converting it into electronic formats. Today, businesses realize the importance of processing and digitizing their data, and this has increased the demand for data entry services. Data needs to be captured from various sources which requires time, manpower, money and it is an arduous task. This is when data entry specialists become useful for business organizations. They provide a cost-effective way to accurately convert relevant information into digital format.

Data Entry

Data Entry Specialists Add Value to Your Firm

Data entry operators are skilled professionals who can recognize and identify common and uncommon data entry errors. They ensure that the data are consistent in a single sheet and not scattered all over the place. This makes it easier for data analysts to understand the data carefully and helps businesses leaders in their decision-making process. As the business grows, the amount of data also keeps growing and poses a major concern in many firms. But data entry operators help to process, enter and archive data efficiently. They help you to minimize administrative burden, cut costs and ensure that your resources can be focused on other important tasks to increase productivity. Good quality and organized data gives a serious advantage for your business.

    • Organizing and formatting content marketing hub: A good content team can develop loads of quality articles and the content writing team needs support. For instance, a San Francisco company produces a high volume of articles and publishes content from guests. All the content is published in CMS but before that the articles need to be categorized and formatted. It is a time-consuming task, so the team engaged a freelancer to help with sending emails to potential contributors and also handle short codes and retroactively. The data entry specialist helps them to:
      • Improve on site SEO by cleaning up data, categorizing it, and removing duplicate tags
      • Channels information to outside teams with an updated spreadsheet based on Google Analytics
      • Performs keyword research for future content
      • Develops a spreadsheet of each published content and how it is categorized
    • Better e-commerce sales with organized product keywords: Optimizing ecommerce sites is one of the most important steps to help customers find products. Taking time to correctly and accurately listing out products and categorizing each product helps customers to more accurate results. A San Mateo-based company hired a data specialist who used good judgement for less straight forward products, delivering a fully categorized list of attributes that could be maintained as their product offering expanded. The company continued working with freelancers and it helped improve SEO ranking, search results turned up more accurate results, and also improved the company’s overall sales.
    • Line up for leads for busy sales team: Sales team work is crucial for any business to improve prospects and close deals. But it involves a lot of work behind the scenes before, after and during the sales. A skilled data entry specialist can perform the tedious administrative task and can also arange piles of data into usable lists and spreadsheets. Data entry specialists can
      • Handle CRM administration
      • Engage in follow-up email outreach
      • Conduct web research to find new potential lead and contact information

Key Skills of a Data Entry Specialist

Employing the right data entry specialists helps businesses to increase their efficiency. It helps them focus on core activities. A professional data entry specialist should have the following skills:

      • Software skills: Data entry specialists spend most of their time on their computer and basic computer knowledge like spreadsheets, database, processors and other record management software is vital. They should also have the acumen to know how different software works. With every year technology keeps changing and data entry operators have to keep themselves updated. They should know how to extract and manipulate data from a data base.
      • Purifying data: Data entry operators should have the ability to examine the data thoroughly. They should be able to describe the strategies used to ensure that they are accurately entering the information. It involves comparing your entries primarily before reading or manually submitting data in it.
      • Words per minute: Good typing speed is a must for data entry specialists. The word is the standard metric for calculating the typing speed per minute and good typing speed is 55 to 80 words per minute. The ability to type without looking into the keywords with no or minor error is important as it helps to type more quickly.
      • Communication skills: Data entry specialists should have good communication skills in order to coordinate with other operators to manage workflow. They may also have to speak to associates from different departments to verify the accuracy of data. They are in a position that gives them access to a wide variety of confidential data and so they should know what to reveal and what to reveal while communicating with others.
      • Analytical skills: Data entry operators should be good at handling any number of data and should be able to analyze and interpret the data.
      • Post Data entry storage: One the data is entered, ensure that it is saved in the format that is required. Avoid using a proprietary output format because when the format becomes obsolete then data will be lost.

Successfully transcribing large amounts of data requires great attention to detail and good time management skills. Professional data entry specialists at a data entry company can provide great support to business leaders.

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