q Data Entry Errors Can Create Chaos

Cases of Data Entry Errors Can Create Chaos: Macgregor or MacGregor?

by | Published on Sep 4, 2015 | Data Entry Services

Data Entry ErrorsThe need for data entry services keeps increasing, with more and more information organizations need to deal with for their regular functioning. The greater the information required, the more exhaustive is the process of entering it and making it part of the workflow. Maintaining staff and infrastructure exclusively for the task could be expensive though it could boost efficiency of data entry. Delegating in-house staff from the core processes towards data entry could strain them further and increase chances of errors creeping in, which is risky.

Accuracy is most important here and that’s why outsourcing works better. An experienced and reliable data entry company hires trained professionals, and also has various software tools to aid in quicker and more efficient recognition and entry of different kinds of data. Addresses, phone numbers and ZIP codes can be validated through specialized software. Information could be imported into the appropriate databases of your organization to ensure that it is smoothly integrated into the workflow.

Why Quality Data Entry Services are Important

If you’re wondering whether data entry outsourcing is really necessary, here’s a look into what could happen if the facts entered are wrong.

Macgregor or MacGregor?

If you’re in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia, you might come across the suburb of Macgregor. But walk a few yards and you may come across another sign that says “MacGregor”. So what’s the correct name? Well, the latter. But no one knows except two schools in the area – the MacGregor State School and MacGregor State High School who insist that the right spelling is “MacGregor” and not “Macgregor”.

Finally, some investigations by a prominent local newspaper revealed that the confusion was the result of a data entry error in 2006. The suburb was named after Sir William MacGregor who in 1909 became Queensland Governor. Though the uncertainty is now cleared, authorities have no plans to change the contrasting signboards, citing various reasons. Even Wikipedia has it as Macgregor. So the confusion is probably here to stay, and it’s all because of a data entry error.

Delayed Paychecks for Employees

But there are more serious issues data entry errors could cause. In another instance, this time in the United States, employees received delayed paychecks because of the payroll vendor making an error in data entry. The payroll funds were to be made available on Friday, but the vendor scheduled the availability incorrectly for Saturday.

The employees would be reimbursed by the payroll vendor for any bounced check or late check fees caused as a result of the paycheck delay.

Accurate data entry could significantly reduce the risk of things getting messy. Speaking in terms of your organization, it could streamline the functioning without causing unnecessary delays or corrections. With outsourced data entry services you can ensure there is accuracy in the information entered.

With data, you must leave nothing to chance.

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