How to Convert Data Entry Image to Text

by | Published on Dec 23, 2022 | Infographics

Converting image to text requires using advanced tools or apps. Businesses often consider it difficult to complete the image data entry process effectively in-house with limited time and resources.

Experienced data entry companies will provide cost-effective services such as – Image Capturing (data is extracted from images and converted to the appropriate file format, such as text, Word, HTML, Excel, etc.), Image Resizing (resizing images into other file formats, which saves storage space), Image Data Entry into Spreadsheet (performing data entry into Excel from a variety of picture files), Image Data Entry into Database (bulk volume image data entry operations into the database in the required format), Book Entry (converting the text and photos into Microsoft Word and also converting book images to text, HTML, XML, etc.) and more.

The jpg to text application can extract text from images, official documents, web page screenshots, or any image that contains a few characters. Users can also convert a pdf file to text online, with image OCR feature.

Businesses can utilize data entry services if they are having trouble with image data entry. They have established quality standards, practices, and techniques that support accuracy maintenance even when working at high rates in order to achieve the best quality and quick turnaround times.

Check out the infographic below

Convert Data Entry Image to Text

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