Significance of E Publishing In Today’s World

by | Published on Dec 22, 2016 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Significance of EPublishingReading trends of people have changed drastically with the advent of e-publications. People now use digital devices like cell phones, tablets, computers and ebook readers. Today people prefer e-books to printed books as they want speedy access and portability. The growing popularity of e-readers has led to the growth of the e-publishing industry. A professional data conversion company can provide quality epub conversion services and ebook conversion services at affordable rates and help authors and publishers build a global customer base.

Many authors are now open to publishing their books in electronic format. This helps them reach out to the largest number of readers possible quite easily. It also helps in understanding the initial response to their book. However, they have to consider important issues like copyright and piracy policy. Reliable epublishing companies use DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology in order to protect copyright and fight piracy. The key players of e reader industry are Amazon’s Kindle, the Nooks from Barnes & Noble, the Be- book Neo, Apple’s iPad and Sony Reader. There are many other readers also that support e book apps.

Current e-book publication market

e-Book publishing has been around for several years and the Franklin e-Bookman was released in 1999. With access to internet and increased use ebooks and ejournals in schools, university and collages, the need for ereading on hand held devices have increased drastically. A recent survey in US found that around 80% of the readers preferred using an ereader then a traditional printed book.

Future of ebooks and epublishing

It is evident that the digital publishing industry and ebooks are bound to grow in the near future as it minimizes use of paper and lowers production costs. The expansion of the ebook market has led to the emergence of various formats of ebook formats, thereby increasing the need for quality ebook conversion services. James McFarlane, the CEO of Easypress, states that the latest version of the open ebook standard and as the leader of next generation of ebooks. An established data conversion company can convert any data or book into electronic format. They provide superior quality data conversion solutions for authors, publishers, universities and more.

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