PDF Continues to Be a Very Popular File Format Even Today

by | Published on Jan 27, 2020 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

As the world gets busier, businesses are always in search of easy and quick ways to convert documents into the desired digital format. Any document can be converted to various files like PDF, HTML, DOC, XML and so on with the help of a document conversion company. PDF is one of the popular formats used for transmitting extensive information from one system to another. It is widely used for effective coordination among people who are in different locations. It also prevents the need for handling bulky documents, and loss of critical data.

PDF Continues to Be a Very Popular File Format

Why PDF is popular

PDF can compress high quality files to relatively small size files that allows easy viewing and sharing of files among people; this format is also ideal for sending documents that are intended to be printed out. Therefore, PDF is a safe choice that works on all the major operating systems that are currently in use. So, whether the viewer is on a PC or a Mac, or even on a newer mobile operating system like iOS and Android, there’s almost no worry about the receiver being unable to view the document. The information contained in a PDF is not dependent on the creator’s or the viewer’s device including fonts, pictures, charts, and the like. PDF also allows you to maintain visually-pleasing layouts, and make use of links that will open up in the viewer’s web browser when viewing the documents on a computer or mobile device.

A great advantage of the PDF format is that a free version of Adobe Reader is available to download.

PDF comes with several features that allow fine-tuned security settings. When you create a PDF, you can disable viewers’ ability to print the document, leave comments on it, or copy its text. So, when governments and businesses put forms online, they can heavily restrict them to prevent abuse. It also provides password security for additional security. A PDF creator can place highlighted blocks anywhere in a document to show where they’d like a signer to add information. Although PDF has restricted editing, viewers can still type their name, address, and other pertinent info into these fields. PDFs support electronic signing, so you can add your consent to a document without having to print it out. Other features like highlighting, stamps, plus hyperlinks are also available. Optical Recognition Software (OCR) can capture documents and turn them into PDFs.

Other advantages of PDF are:

  • Formatting is maintained: Files with graphics, graphs and other formatted media can easily be shared through PDF and there is no problem in opening such files in another computer and these can be easily printed as well.
  • PDFs have adapted to changing technology: These work in any kind of document ranging from catalogs and magazines to tax forms and infographics. Images, text, videos, website links, eSignatures can all be included in the PDF.
  • PDF is here to stay: No matter how technology evolves over time, PDFs will not disappear in the future. So, investing in good PDF software is a good idea.

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With PDFs, companies are able to shift their corporate records into digital format easily and compress files to small size for easy and quick file sharing. It keeps data safe and secure while avoiding significant paper waste and physical storage requirements. Working with a reliable document conversion company will help you in converting your paper-based documents into any electronic formats including the versatile PDF form.

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