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Outsourcing PDF – XML Conversion

by | Published on Sep 9, 2015 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

PDF - XML ConversionXML conversion is one of the commonly sought document conversion services. As you probably know, XML (Extensible Markup Language) refers to a markup language, and enables structured data to be shared across various information systems. This open standard framework helps in encoding documents in a format that is human-readable as well as machine-readable. PDF to XML conversion as well as conversion from other formats to XML is carried out based on some of the XML language rules. In most cases, data is converted to XML format to make the information more user-friendly. Publishers, commercial organizations, media, financial and legal firms, technical firms and many other entities require XML format when they need to share data in an orderly manner.

Significance of XML Conversion

PDF files need to be converted to XML for many reasons. Important among them are:

  • Data comes alive when converted to XML
  • Efficiency improves with standardization in the representation of information
  • Enables output to multiple media such as web and print publishing systems
  • The data can be reused at any point of time
  • Makes it easy to archive and retrieve data
  • Have the data in a standard format that is accepted globally

XML files are also converted to PDF format, which is the popular choice for business as well as research documents, as it reduces the size of the original file while retaining many of its features. XML to PDF conversion therefore serves business purposes.

Outsourcing vs. In-house XML Conversion

Organizations often go for outsourcing XML as well as other document conversion requirements after careful consideration of various factors that have an impact on business efficiency, cost and labor. The basis for outsourcing may vary with individual organizations – it may be:

  • The potential of having large volume data conversion completed quickly and efficiently
  • The lesser cost involved
  • The time-saving possibility
  • Access to superior technology that may be too expensive to own
  • Access to experienced workforce

Outsourcing is no longer viewed solely as a means to save money by obtaining the service required at lower cost. Many business process outsourcing companies enjoy excellent reputation as reliable service partners that help organizations grow and improve their bottom line. Such outsourcing firms work as a virtual extension of their client’s office and provide service round the clock. In this way, service providers function on a higher level, providing business value and insight to their client organizations.

Outsourcing Poised to Grow in the Next Five Years

Data conversion services, part of document outsourcing, could grow at a single-digit CAGR in the coming five years according to the Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2020. It is testament to the popularity of outsourcing document processing. Organizations have been drawn to the reduction in operating costs and greater streamlining outsourcing offers. But the demand will primarily be fueled by the attraction of end-to-end outsourcing. Technology has made data processing more efficient and reliable while increased digitization and cloud computing have made printed documents obsolete.

The data conversion and processing tasks such as XML- PDF conversion can be outsourced to the right provider for more streamlined, efficient and sustainable functioning. This constitutes much of Document Process Outsourcing (DPO), one of the important categories of business process outsourcing.

Importance of Data Conversion

DPO includes conversion of printed and handwritten text to electronic formats as well as conversion between various digital formats. Advanced tools including ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are essential when converting print or written content to digital formats.

Only structured data helps in decision making. Digitized data in the right format is more useful and can be integrated into the workflow better. It also facilitates safer and more effective storage of the data.

Outsourcing – Value Points

Outsourcing document conversion to the right provider offers many benefits:

  • Data gets collected and organized better
  • Data loss is prevented and the information is stored is usable formats
  • Unnecessary data can be eliminated
  • Improves information access and comprehensibility
  • Data can be reused and recycled and also serve business intelligence and research needs

Ensure Perfection in Data Conversion

Outsourcing ensures more efficient conversion mainly due to the experience and technical advantages of organizations dedicated to various kinds of data conversion. It also helps you save costs and resources while you get the information needed in your preferred format. It ultimately contributes to improved performance in a sustainable manner for your organization.

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