Newspaper Scanning and Preservation for Posterity

by | Published on Dec 11, 2015 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Scanning and PreservationThe present information age exploits advanced technology to provide instant access to and preserve valuable data. Original historical documents can be scanned and made available for all to view; the scanned versions can be stored in a central location for easy access. Document scanning service for valuable historical documents and newspapers helps prevent their damage and deterioration. Educational institutions as well as non-educational organizations including colleges, libraries, museums and archives get to share precious data across the globe.

Digitizing Old Newspapers

The process of converting old newspapers which survive in analog form into digital images is known as newspaper digitization. Newspapers are loaded with information; they are rich records of the past. Some libraries hold very few copies of newspapers which are not available for everyone who may need them. Even with access to a newspaper, unless the paper has been indexed, searching for the desired information can be tiresome. This problem can be rectified with the help of proper digitization of newspapers. Many institutions across the world have begun to digitize valuable newspapers. A digitized newspaper makes all its information searchable and accessible to anyone at the click of a button.

Lafayette Walker County Public Library–a Case in Point

Lafayette Walker County Public Library has digitized the historical newspaper- Walker County Messenger (1880- 1965). This newspaper containing a vast amount of information from the past is now available online using keywords, specific dates and any other queries that might be needed. They have also digitized Chattanooga Times, and the Chattanooga News.

For those who want information about their family history or important news stories, digitization of these ancient newspapers is an immense support. It is a medium for the present generation and the future generation to know the value of the past. If you visit the Lafayette-Walker County Public Library, you can now explore more than 80 years of North Georgia history.

Advantages of Digitizing Old Newspapers

Archives are the great way to keep history alive and accessible for generations to come. Scanned documents are converted into digital files, which are perfect for maintaining online archives for your society, library, or museum. It provides faster access to information, increased information sharing and reduced cost associated with the storage, printing and staffing hours. Newspapers are a very unstable medium and are prone to damage even with the best efforts to prevent damage. Scanning all these ancient papers into digital format is the best solution to ensure safe storage. Reliable document scanning services can assist with the process of digitizing important documents. They can handle huge volumes of files at a time without losing any data.

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