Managing Documents for Efficient HRM

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Managing DocumentsEvery company, irrespective of its size has some HR functions to perform. Human resource management can form a source of strategic advantage for every company, if the department has the potential to handle all its activities efficiently and effectively. HR department often handles a large number of documents, as there are separate files and paper documents for each employee including resume, cover letter, internal memo, employee review, and sick leave request.

Continuing to work with paper files is not only archaic and cumbersome, but also pose a huge security risk, especially when processing data, storing, or sharing confidential information such as employee application, health insurance forms, performance reviews, enrollment forms, reprimands, and financial information.

Digitizing paper documents via scanning and indexing facilitates personal information of every employee to be stored in an electronic repository, for long term maintenance and traceability. The right tools and techniques can clear away the HR paperwork clutter, ensure important documents are at your fingertips, and keep everything well-organized and systematic.

Scanning HR Documents

Scanning documents is the first step involved in managing paper based employee records and HR documents. Many firms consider document scanning as a time-consuming and cumbersome process, even though they have adequate tools and techniques to accomplish the task. Employees have to devote a lot of time for document capture and scanning, thereby reducing their time to carry out core activities. HR documents that are to be scanned and indexed include:

  • Employee Performance Records
  • Employee Personal Records
  • Benefits and Awards Records
  • Interview Notes and Records
  • Resumes and Applications
  • Termination Records
  • Training Records
  • Other HR related documents

Organizations can go for the services of a reliable document scanning company which will help streamline document management. Digitization of documents allows easy storage and retrieval of information in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, document security, which is crucial for every HR department can be attained by implementing a proper system for managing documents.

Editing HR Documents

Sometimes, even scanned documents cannot be opened for improvisation. It is usually the format of the document that stops users from reading it properly. Also, images and photographs may not be perfectly preserved in the scanned format. Anyhow, the issue can be addressed by converting the scanned version to the desired file format. Document conversion can be made possible with a variety of tools and techniques. Integrated document management software with document conversion features can convert PDF to Excel format, provide XML conversion, HTML conversion, and many more.

A recent report says that Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (AUSD) in Wisconsin has realized the benefits of a digitized HR system. They are planning to implement an organized HR system that can reduce the amount of paper storage, increase efficiency and save time.

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