Document Digitization – An Intelligent Solution for the Logistics and Transportation Industry

by | Published on Jan 15, 2015 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Document DigitizationThe logistics and transportation industry is one that can benefit greatly from document digitization. Transportation and logistics companies handle thousands of documents and images each year. They operate within a highly regulated environment and so considerable investment goes into store these paper files. Managing documents manually is time consuming and expensive and can lead to challenges and delays in meeting customer requirements. The time spent on retrieving and sharing paper documents also affects workflow processes.

Logistics and transportation companies handle various types of documents such as bills of lading, proof of delivery, invoices, contracts, export documents, contracts and agreements, inspection and compliance reports, purchase orders and time schedules.
Misfiled or missing documents can create a chaotic situation. Document scanning and electronic storage can ensure overall improved compliance, reduce time to invoice, enhance data security, and improve customer service.

Benefits of Document Scanning for the Logistics & Transportation Sector

Reduces the organization’s dependency on paper: Reducing the volume of information in hard copy format helps employees locate files easily,thereby speeding up critical business activities.

Improves workflow: Digital documents can be shared across all business units and departments. Scanned documents:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Improve cash flow and customer retention rates
  • Improve accessibility of information
  • Reduce printing and copying needs
  • Enhance document integration with business applications
  • Improve transparency
  • Reduce administrative costs

Other advantages of electronic documentation include:

  • Reduces storage and courier costs
  • Decreases processing time and costs
  • Streamlines and automates document retention and destruction processes
  • Reduces operational expenses associated with third party audits

Of the 101 respondents in a PwC survey titled ’17th Annual Global CEO Survey – Key findings in the transportation & logistics industry’, 82% said that they were planning to enhance their technology investments so as to become more innovative in their operations. Among other things, this would include automation within the organization. Documents automated by capturing, indexing and archiving data from forms, invoices and emails generated from different sources can be readily accessed when required. By implementing document process automation solutions, large logistics companies are reducing the total cost of data capture and seeing improved efficiency in their workflow processes.

Professional document scanning companies make such automation processes simple and effective. They provide comprehensive services that cover everything from document preparation, initial document scanning and data cleansing to indexing and index verification, file storage solutions, and secure shredding and recycling of original records.

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