Chippewa Falls District Sets Up Document Management System for HR

by | Published on Sep 10, 2014 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Document Management SystemEvery human resource department faces the difficulties of managing mountains of paper documents. Handling HR documents involve huge challenge such as addressing unauthorized access, risk of losing files, high administrative and paper storage costs, and much more. Implementing a document management system can help keep track of and organize all personnel data, including resumes, termination notices, pay raises, and employee leave applications.

A recent report indicates that Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (AUSD) in Wisconsin has realized the benefits that a document management system can offer its HR department. AUSD is preparing to implement a digital system that can reduce the amount of paper storage and save time.

Their HR department has thousands of documents including forms, reports, documentation and other paper materials for personnel, accounting, and payroll. The staff has to rummage through filing cabinets and boxes to access the archived paper documents and student records and then spend several hours to put them back in place. AUSD is all set to eliminate these time-consuming manual procedures with an efficient document scanning and indexing solution. Once the documents are electronically stored, the originals will be destroyed to save storage space.

Document Management Software for AUSD – Main Features and Benefits

The school district authorities have chosen a powerful document management software specially designed to optimize business workflows. The software facilitates document scanning and conversion of paper-based HR documents to electronic images for fast, secure, and easy access. This advanced business suite does away with the need for data entry and manual search. Core benefits include

  • Scanning and uploading of student records and documents
  • Add notes to imaged documents
  • Easy storage and retrieval of reports, including long-term storage
  • All student records archived in a digital repository
  • Facilitates easy search to find and retrieve information quickly
  • Allows quicker processing of student registrations
  • Keeps history of those who viewed, modified, approved and changed information
  • Manages back office documents
  • Stores and protect all documents, forms and even handwritten notes
  • Completes several front-office and back-office processes quickly and efficiently

An efficient document management solution is critical for Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District as it serves 5,100 K-12 students and employs 625 full-time staff at six elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and an alternative middle/high school. By leveraging technology for document and record management, retention and distribution within each school and across the district, AUSD can improve student services as well as staff productivity and satisfaction while cutting costs.

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