Why Businesses Should Embrace Document Conversion and Cloud Storage

by | Published on Nov 9, 2016 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Cloud StorageDocument scanning solutions have always benefited business organizations by streamlining business information and ensuring easy access to data. Today along with document scanning, organizations are increasingly moving to cloud storage for storing their valuable documents. Embracing digital change is something that many organizations have been implementing for several years. From planning to distribution and sales to customers, digital technology has streamlined and enhanced the efficiency of workflow in most successful organizations. The improved efficiency of the organization results in more cost-effective and productive business models across a company’s entire value stream.

Cisco statistics show that by 2019, 55 percent of internet users will use cloud-based storage. There is no doubt that cloud storage is becoming increasingly imperative for both businesses and individuals as it enables easy storage and access of documents. Cisco also reveals that a single user will generate 1.6 gigabytes of consumer cloud storage every month. Taking businesses into consideration, these figures are bound to increase much more.

What are the advantages digitization and cloud storage can offer businesses?

  • Keep up with the times and stay competitive.
  • Make a smooth transition to a paperless office and enjoy increased security and improved productivity.
  • Ensure easy access to business data.
  • Enjoy bigger storage capacity.
  • Cost-effective and flexible way of storing important and sensitive data, medical and legal documents, and archived documents.

Electronic conversion of vital records creates new opportunities for businesses across all sectors and it also improves efficiency. Organizations that don’t wish to invest in an in-house document scanning and indexing system can choose to obtain outsourced solutions, which will prove more affordable.

Let us see the various solutions business process outsourcing companies offer.

  • Large format scanning services: Documents of larger size such as maps, legal documents, X-rays, blueprints and engineering drawings can be digitized. This is a great option forthe architectural, oil & gas, and other industry sectors.
  • Medical records scanning solutions: HIPAA-compliant document conversion services to facilitate EHR transition.
  • Legal document scanning: This service is ideal for law offices that handle a large number of legal documents on a regular basis. Digital transition would help create a more efficient, easily accessible file system.
  • Microfilm/microfiche scanning: Your microfilm and microfiche assets are digitized for easier access and review. With this transition, you will not need specialized equipment to read these files.

All services are customized to specific industries, whether health, legal, sport, media, travel, hotel and so on. A reliable document scanning company can prove to be an ideal partner for organizations looking for a seamless transition to a paperless office and efficient cloud storage.

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