Bring Your Microfilm And Microfiche Back To Life through Scanning

by | Published on Sep 4, 2018 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

It is the digital age now, with most businesses in a rush to hire document scanning services to convert all their paper-based documents into digital format. Earlier, microfilm and microfiche were popularly used to store important data. Microfilm is a long strip of film wound onto a reel like a camera and is fed into a microfilm reader whereas microfiche is a flat sheet that contains a small photographic film. Microfiche and microfilm were considered good storage devices in the past. Many organizations like libraries and museums have used microfiche and microfilm to store valuable data. But today they have started digitizing their microfiche and microfilm assets with the availability of modern technology. Microfilm and microfiche were also used to preserve engineering periodicals which helped engineers to be cognizant of prior patents or reference of these data when developing a new model. The main problem with microfilm and microfiche is that they often require the help of a librarian to assist the average user.

Document Scanning

Today, organizations prefer advanced storage devices like cloud storage systems which have more capacity and are a much more compact storage solution than microfilm and microfiche that take huge storage space. Microfilm and microfiche were known for their longevity which is now surpassed by advanced storage solutions.

Why Is Scanning of Microfilm and Microfiche Important

Microfiche and Microfilm scanning is important from the point of view of preserving valuable information. Technology has now moved on from old storage medium to advanced storage facility, which can be well utilized.

  • Microfiche and microfilm can easily get damaged due to moisture or any other adverse climatic condition and have limited storage capacity compared to modern storage systems.
  • Now, any amount of data can be stored and preserved for a longer period of time. This frees up significant amount of storage space that organizations can repurpose for productive uses.
  • Another advantage of microfiche and microfilm scanning is the ability to index key metadata. This improves the value of digitized archives and makes it possible for users to quickly access and retrieve information at any time.
  • Over a long period of time and prolonged use, microfilm and microfiche may depreciate in quality and eventually decay beyond use. By scanning microfilm and microfiche, you can back up any number of files and the quality of the data does not deteriorate.
  • The digital age has made accessing information easier and by scanning microfilm and microfiche any vital data can be stored and accessed at any preferred time.

Digitization Services for Microfilm and Microfiche

Even though the use of microfilm and microfiche has reduced, many organizations still have these resources that contain important data. These sets of microfilm and microfiche can be converted into digital files so that all the documents can be preserved for a longer period of time. A reliable document scanning company can handle the digitization of large volumes of microfilm and microfiche at cost-effective pricing.

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