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9 Essential Strategies for Selling eBooks on Amazon

by | Published on Oct 1, 2020 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services


Amazon is one of the leaders in making eBooks available to interested readers. The e-reader Amazon Kindle designed and marketed by Amazon, enables users to buy, download, and read ebooks. eBook conversion services help convert printed books into eBooks and brings the following benefits.

  • Are popular
  • Are portable
  • Have wide features that enables easy reading
  • Are environment friendly
  • Are free to sell
  • Can be given for free
  • Have a flexible price-strategy
  • Provide in-depth training, and educate your customers

According to ebooks.com, US ebook sales were up 39.0% in June 2020. So, if you are ready to publish your eBook, have a look at these tips:

  • Choose a relevant book topic: To reach a broad audience, ensure that you are writing the content in a broad enough niche. Check out the best-selling books in your preferred category on Amazon. To apply to more people, find a way to generalize your content; it will help increase the number of downloads and, therefore, your income. So, rethink about choosing a topic that is too specific, because books on specialty subjects may not be searched for and bought as often through Kindle. If you want to know the selected niche’s ranking, search a similar topic through Kindle, and check its ranking on Amazon’s Best Sellers list. It will show you the ranks in sales.
  • Research keywords adjacent to your topic: To perform research adjacent to your topic, tools such as Moz Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, etc. can help. These tools can provide you with the keywords list relevant to your topic that drives more search traffic across the web. Include those keywords in your tags, product description, and product keywords to rank your content higher. It will increase the content visibility, and it not only increases the download rate but also helps it reach people who are purposefully looking for it.
  • Give your books for free: It is a good idea to list your book free for at least five days. It will enhance your book’s presence on Kindle and move it to the Amazon Best Sellers List. Doing so will help you grab the attention of a wider audience and you will get more exposure when you start to sell out with a price.
  • Make your book cover attractive: There will be thousands of books available for people to choose from; in that case, the eBook cover matters for the book sales as it is a marketing strategy. It should be designed from concept to execution. Designer is a platform that contains several designs that can fit your book’s theme. If it is difficult for you to design the cover alone, you can hire a graphic designer.
  • Quality vs. Quantity: You have to make sure that your eBook contains quality content so that the readers will feel that their money was well spent. At the same time, if you are trying to make your eBook publishing a scalable business, then you have to focus on quantity also.
  • Title and Subtitle: The title and subtitle are as crucial as your content. Your title should be catchy, short, and detailed. To reveal more about your book’s tone and direction, you can add more detailed subtitles.
  • Write an appealing book description: Make sure you write an attractive book description, as it is most readers’ first point of contact with your writing. The opening should grab their attention. To do that, give them evidence showing that other people like your work. It can be a useful review or an impressive sales figure. The short description or blurb should be simple and not in detail; it should give readers an idea of what your book is about before they have paid for it. It should inform the direction, tone, inspiration, and scope of the book to the readers. Finally, finish it with a catchy takeaway that clarifies why readers should choose your book in particular.
  • Appoint a Book Editor: With the help of an editor, you can have a manuscriptfree from grammatical, spelling and syntax errors . While software tools are there to detect errors, a human editor stays at the top to find the mistakes that software cannot find. An editor will make your script error-free and also adjust the tone and direction according to your target audience if needed. So, hire an experienced editor to help you in publishing an error-free script.
  • Join Facebook groups and link with other authors: Connect with other authors, share tips in your niche, and submit new content across social media. This will help to build trust among people, and it will benefit you. There are several author groups with different niches. Meeting them will help you get valuable criticism, marketing tips, inspiring ideas, etc. It will help you on your journey.

For writers, authors, or publishers who wish to sell their books online, relying on ebook conversion companies‘ services help by converting the printed, Word, or PDF books into appropriate digital formats that are compatible with different e-reader devices. Reliable service providers follow all the above-mentioned strategies and more to achieve the best results.

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