What is 508 Compliant Document Conversion and Achieving Compliance with Data Conversion Services

by | Published on Jul 4, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

508 Compliant Document ConversionEmbracing digital change is something that many organizations have been implementing over the years. Most organizations utilize the services of a document conversion company to convert their paper assets into digital format. From planning to distribution and sales to customers, digital technology has streamlined and enhanced the efficiency of the workflow in organizations. The improved efficiency of the organization results in more cost-effective and productive business models across a company’s entire value stream. In any organization, documents must be accessible to everyone who needs them and according to Section 508, an amendment to the US Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained or used by the federal government must be accessible to people with disabilities. It applies to various software, hardware and websites including mobile sites and mobile applications. If your content is uploaded on behalf of the United States Government, then you are legally required to ensure that the content is 508 compliant. It helps differently abled persons to access the content, read it and fill forms on their own without having to require someone else assist them. 508-compliant content can be read out to users; MS Word and other screen readers available online can read such content.

Section 508 Compliant Content Helps Disabled People

To be Section 508 compliant, all digital publications distributed online must be fully accessible and usable by people with sensory disabilities. The process of converting a normal digital publication into a resource that is accessible to people with sensory disabilities is called document remediation. There are document conversion experts with extensive training in Section 508 compliance remediation who specialize in making digital publications and documents achieve compliance with Section 508 standards. Conversion services are available for PDF documents, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and HTML websites.

When the documents are converted, the format of the current layout does not change. 508 Compliance is essentially about adding a few technical insertions that make the document compatible with screen readers. Making the content 508 compliant does not change the content. Screen readers work by being able to distinguish between a text heading and content.

For making your content 508 compliant it is important to convert your data into digital format. While converting the data into electronic format make sure that the information converted is accurate, all points should be clear, avoid duplication of data or image after the conversion and text for each image should be included in the document. Making your content is 508 compliant helps in improving earning capacity and revenue.

Beneficial for Businesses

Reliable Data Conversion ServicesBusinesses benefit by being in compliance with section 508 because it helps increase their chance of obtaining government contracts and thereby increasing revenue. It will expand their audience and make their products and services available to a wider section of people. Service providers in this area ensure quick conversion that is personalized. Each document will be reviewed by a human once the conversion is over. After that, the documents are tested on various devices to make sure of their compliance, accessibility and quality.

Thus, 508 compliant document conversion is all about making the content compatible with a screen reader. Many US content providers choose to utilize outsourced solutions for this conversion project. Outsourcing service providers are technically good at what they do and the services are affordable. In addition, if the provider is situated offshore, the difference in time zone allows you to have the converted content within the next day.

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