Challenge: Managed Outsource Solutions helped in the case of a Board Certified Internal Medicine MD. Our client renders critical care services at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn NY. Critical care is medical care provided for a gravely ill or unstable patient. In addition to critical care services, the physician also provides gastric intubation, cardiac output… Read More »

Businessmen can’t do without business cards. They are an indispensable marketing tool, identifying both the person and the business. New age business cards are stylish and professionally designed with the company logo and contact details. As contacts and exposure increase, so do the volume of business cards that an office has to deal with. That’s… Read More »

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) helps business gain a competitive edge by enhancing their overall efficiency at reduced cost. BPO services benefit all types of businesses and ensure customized solutions for: Data conversion and document digitization Data entry and mining Transcription Software development Medical billing and coding Search engine optimization (SEO) Website design Medical record review… Read More »

Data security is an important concern for business organizations and legal entities that outsource their back office tasks. Sensitive legal documents have to be handled with the utmost confidentiality. Avoiding data security issues is necessary to stay clear of trouble as any breach could result in legal action by their clients.  This can be accomplished… Read More »

There are many web design practices that are now outdated and if your website is using them, it could get downgraded. Here are some signs that indicate your website design is outdated: Site visitors ignore unreadable text – Your site will be useless if nobody can read what’s on it. Poor legibility may be due… Read More »

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