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Princeton University Press Digitizing Past Publications

September 16, 2014 - Posted by Julie Clements

In today’s publishing environment, conversion of backlist titles to ebook format is a smart move. The so-called ‘backlist’ comprises books kept in print because of their popularity over the years. While new titles come with promotion costs and other expenses, backlist book sales don’t need too much of investment and so most of which comes […]

NHS to Become Paperless by 2018

September 15, 2014 - Posted by MOS Team

The National Health Service (NHS), the UK’s publicly funded healthcare system, aims to become paperless by 2018. The idea of digitization was put forward by the Secretary of State for Health Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt in January 2013, with the intention to improve services and to address the challenges of an aging population. According to […]

Employee Data Breach in UPMC More Extensive than Predicted

September 12, 2014 - Posted by Rajeev R

Data breach is a serious issue affecting many businesses. Despite the security measures taken, data breach or identity theft happens, even for the personal data of employees. Data breaches not only cost a company’s time and money, but also affect its public trust and confidence. Anyhow, companies should set up adequate strategies to respond to […]

Trends in the Digital Publishing Industry

September 11, 2014 - Posted by Julie Clements

With the rising popularity of electronic reading, many authors and publishers are striving to provide users a quality e-book experience, while managing costs and adhering to standards. When it comes to electronic publications, quality assurance is undoubtedly the most important factor. Quality Issues in Ebook Conversion Common quality issues relate to Missing words or the […]

Chippewa Falls District Sets Up Document Management System for HR

September 10, 2014 - Posted by MOS Team

Every human resource department faces the difficulties of managing mountains of paper documents. Handling HR documents involve huge challenge such as addressing unauthorized access, risk of losing files, high administrative and paper storage costs, and much more. Implementing a document management system can help keep track of and organize all personnel data, including resumes, termination […]

Important Trends in Healthcare Outsourcing

September 9, 2014 - Posted by Rajeev R

Though the healthcare market in the United States is rapidly emerging, the market is faced with achieving conflicting objectives such as improved service quality and reduced cost. Healthcare providers (hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, and specialized therapeutic enterprises) and payers (commercial insurers, government insurer programs, and benefit management firms) are striving for greater process efficiency and […]

AUB Teams Up with US Libraries to Digitize Historical Arabic Collections

September 5, 2014 - Posted by Julie Clements

With the development of new technologies, libraries the world over are moving away from traditional systems into digital mode to better serve the needs of library administrators and users. Factors such as increased operational costs, decline in acquisition of library collections due to increased cost of materials, increased use of e-Books over printed text, and […]

Advantages of Conversions to Excel Format

September 4, 2014 - Posted by MOS Team

Excel, the spreadsheet component of the Microsoft Office Package, has wide applications in business. If you need to analyze and interpret complex numerical data presented in Word, PDF or any other file format, Excel conversion is the solution. Businesses use Excel spreadsheets to display financial information and other data relevant to the running of the […]

How to Convert/Edit a PDF File

September 3, 2014 - Posted by Rajeev R

Let us start from the very basic question on PDF, “What is PDF?” PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the popular eBook formats, introduced by Adobe Systems in 1991. The company released it as an open standard format in 2008, making it free for developers to work with. Conversion of documents, forms, graphics, […]

Digitizing Civil War Letters

September 2, 2014 - Posted by Julie Clements

Civil war letters provide an unparalleled connection to the past and need to be preserved in the best way possible. Letters written by patriots during civil wars are priceless resources for future generations. These letters may contain individual stories related to their families and a historical narrative of the local, national and global communities. Digital […]

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