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MOS is one of the leading business process outsourcing companies that harness technology, innovation, AI and digital mastery for a range of BPO services creating innovation, value and positive transformation.

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MOS: Powering Transformations

In today’s world where digital disruption has changed the way we work and work from home and remote work environments create advancements and disruptions, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides manpower, skills and deep rooted experience to create an outsourcing model that is affordable, sustainable and adaptable. MOS is one of the leading global business process outsourcing companies (BPO company) that supports small to large companies across industries through several services focused on bringing innovation through, technology, artificial intelligence, digital mastery and of course our experienced and talented teams.

The strength of MOS is derived from top management, our national and international teams, our excellent senior solutions managers, and perfect union of people, processes and technology. Working from the motto “Solutions and Beyond“, we have developed numerous solutions, utilizing both domestic and international resources, to offer value-added solutions to clients.

Our approach is SOLUTIONS; striving to tailor our resources to solve the unique challenges of each client. We are constantly researching and developing these resources to better serve our clients.

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What We Do

Provide sustainable, transformational BPO outsourcing services covering one-off projects to long-term engagements for most industries from medical, legal, financial, technology, HR, online, retail, and so on. Do you have a challenge? We are your solution.


Our Approach

Providing agile, connected, budget-friendly acceleration for businesses is what we do. We bring people, processes, technology, and solutions with dedicated project managers, teams, and support. Every project needs someone to listen, analyse, recommend, catalyse, implement, manage and support, that’s what we do.


Our Mission

We believe in providing services with empathy, honesty and integrity. Work with a teamwork mentality that is a winning formula for our clients and us. Use cutting edge innovation and knowledgeable staff to provide quality services and support while fostering a fun environment that creates profitability and growth.

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Venture into a successful business transformation

A decision to outsource business processes is not easy. Uniting technology, people and solutions to provide successful transformation solutions needs attention to detail.

At MOS we will work to earn your trust and implement an affordable business transformation solution.

Our Services

Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Experienced data entry company, delivering, both long-term and short-term projects using technology, data driven analysis, managing risk improving accuracy and efficiency.

Document Conversion Services

Document Conversion Services

Document conversion services smoothen workflow enhancing productivity by creating an easier storage and retrieval process. Conversion of documents from paper, PDF, excel images and so on.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Business processes that might be incredibly taxing to an organization or providing expert services when talent is not found in-house is our expertise. Growing businesses through business process outsourcing.

Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning Services

Moving to the digital world, gathering, digitizing paper, microfilm, and other hard assets through document scanning services. Data driven approach with onsite and offsite scanning to improve, accessibility, search capability and storage.

eBook Conversion

eBook Conversion

Transforming new and established books to a digital form, covering all aspects of eBook conversion services from eBook design, conversion and eBook production services. We can handle projects of any size and complexity.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing

Transforming legal process outsourcing with technology and services for companies and firms cannot be overstated.Our legal department is adept at meeting challenging legal process outsourcing (LPO) requirements.

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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Our approach in harnessing technology and providing expertise in “outsourcing services” creates a competitive strategy and generates success. Providing business process outsourcing services (BPO services) that are well thought out, scalable, controls cost, embraces existing strategies and moving towards productive workflow is what we provide as your outsourcing services partner. Creating seamless integrations no matter what the size of your business is what helps us manage projects for large and small businesses.

Why Choose MOS


Decades of outsourcing service experience

Seasoned management with BPO experience

High levels of quality control


Multiple production facilities

Customized turnaround times

Competitive pricing


High confidentiality and security for all data

24/7 customer support

Solid infrastructure

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Our Approach


We want to hear your company’s problem


Gauge your issues


Analyze your problem


Support the solution


Identify and pinpoint solutions


Implement the solution


Manage the solution


Recommend the right approach
Our Approach

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Hi Jan, The customer service and promptness with your BPO company is outstanding. I always get a reply almost immediately and everyone I communicate with is very friendly and accommodating.



Jan and Meghann are the BEST!!! They are responsive, professional and fast! Thank you so much for making my job easier!!!


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We are proud to have worked with great companies. Our diverse client portfolio stands testimony to our commitment to excellence.
Columbia University
Childrens Hospital
Staples Promotional Products
The Rendon Group
Frontline Selling
Danbury Hospital