E-books are available on a wide variety of subjects and have revolutionized reading habits. People can now read their favorite books on smart devices like eBook readers, iPads, tablets etc. With eBook conversion services, authors can easily convert their hard copy books into well-formatted, attractive ebooks that can be read on multiple devices. Converting your book into electronic format can expand your audience, give you a greater sense of control and independence, help you build authority, and improve engagement with your readers. Reliable document scanning services are available to convert print books into eBooks. With such expert support, you can expect a high quality product.

Proper planning and strategy is essential to create and publish an eBook. While there are no set rules when it comes to organizing content, it is important to follow the basic structure of a novel or text book. E-books feature a proper system of chapters and supporting images. The text is segmented with sub-headers.

This infographic lists key tips to convert your book ideas to an eBook