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Optical Character Recognition

Most companies find it time-consuming and costly to perform manual data entry. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes lengthy documents available in electronic format quickly. Managed Outsource Solution (MOS) provides optical character recognition solutions that feature flexible combinations of the most advanced image acquisition and computer-based image enhancement technologies. Our solutions improve the productivity, security, efficiency, accuracy, and safety of the final outcome.

At our company, we use OCR software to convert scanned images of text into electronic text so that that text can be searched, indexed and retrieved digitally. Based on your requirements, we can convert your files into the required electronic format including PDF, Text, Word, and Excel.

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OCR Services

to Enhance Your Document Workflow

Our expert team employs OCR and intelligent character recognition to convert various types of documents such as photographs or artwork, documents with busy backgrounds, brochures, resumes, application forms, payroll forms and colored text or black text on white paper into electronic format.

With our advanced document analysis and OCR system, our team can correct unrecognized characters, define or correct bounding boxes, fix paragraph styles, cleanse input images, import PDFs, save and load the project, and export everything to multiple formats.

Benefits of Choosing MOS as Your Partner

  • Experienced work force
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Higher accuracy
  • Competitive rates
  • Round-the-clock technical support

We also offer outsourcing of services like OCR cleanup, data processing, data extraction, data cleansing and data assessment, image entry and intelligent character recognition (ICR).

To learn more about our customized, affordable OCR solutions, call 1-800-670-2809.