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As discussed, data quality is important for improved decision making and better workflow in any business – education, healthcare, law, finance or any other. Data cleansing or data scrubbing can clean up any data or company records and maintain them free from mistakes and imperfections.

Data errors may occur in any form – duplicates, incomplete emails, wrongly formatted addresses, missing values, misplaced entries, typographical errors, incorrect contact numbers etc. Data cleansing outsourcing to professional service providers is an ideal option for organizations to get quality and accurate data. Such services can boost the consistency, reliability, and value of the company’s data.

Advanced data cleansing tools are also available for organizations to clean up data on their own. Take a look at 10 such platforms –

  1. Microsoft DQS


    Microsoft DQS is a reliable system that offers relational database management, and provides access to enterprise data using structured query language. The software has scalable and corporate reporting features that help the management make more informed decisions.

    Data cleansing is performed in four stages – a mapping stage, a computer-assisted cleansing stage, an interactive cleansing stage, and the export stage.

    • mapping – users identify the data source to be cleansed
    • computer-assisted cleansing – DQS proposes/makes changes to the source data
    • interactive cleansing – users analyze the data changes, and accept/reject the changes
    • export – lets users export the cleansed data
  2. TIBCO Clarity


    TIBCO® Clarity is a data preparation tool that comes with self-service data cleansing capabilities to any organization. It serves as a single solution to handle even large messy data across various sources, applications, and systems. It also provides support for databases, cloud storage, MDM and more. It offers on-demand software services from the web in the form of Software-as-a-Service. Businesses can use it to discover, profile, cleanse, and standardize raw data from diverse sources and provide good quality data for accurate analysis and intelligent decision-making.

    This tool features seamless integration, data discovery and profiling, deduplication, address standardization and data transformation.

  3. Tableau Prep

    tableau prep

    Tableau Prep provides diverse cleaning operations that you can use out of the box to clean and shape the data. Dirty data can be cleaned up to make it easier to combine and analyze. It also makes it easier for others to understand the relevant data when sharing data sets. Users can clean data by applying cleaning operations such as filtering, adding, renaming, splitting, grouping, or removing fields.

    This new ETL tool allows users to – extract data from a variety of sources, transform that data and output it, save time and reduce the challenges of some tasks such as joins, unions and aggregations.

  4. OpenRefine


    This is a powerful tool to clean and transform data from one format into another and extend it with web services and external data. Available in more than 15 languages, OpenRefine can be used to explore large datasets with ease and it allows linking and extending datasets with various web services.

    Its user-friendly graphical user interface lets users describe and then perform data manipulation. This tool has a highly powerful set of programmable expressions to perform more complex tasks.

  5. Trifacta


    Trifacta provides a solution for data cleaning in data mining that enables the user to discover inaccurate or incomplete data. Visual profile of the data helps identify inaccuracies and discrepancies. This tool fixes invalid data in an interactive way. Its user-friendly interface allows users to execute the process themselves, even without technical knowledge.

    This software features automated visual profiling tools that helps save time and money. Organizations of all sizes can share better and consistent results in a central location too.

  6. Cloudingo


    Cloudingo is a very powerful tool that allows unmerging duplicate Salesforce records and returning them to their original state. Users can delete, import, and merge data and customize them for any business needs.

    Users can even modify large sets of data by reassigning records, updating missing data points, normalizing company names, and standardizing data.

  7. Data Ladder

    data ladder

    This is a reliable solution for businesses to get intuitive and clean data across the enterprise. This highly visual data cleansing platform is specifically designed to discover and resolve customer and contact data quality issues.

    Users can also match and link records to enrich, deduplicate, and integrate datasets from virtually any source and get the most out of their data. It features Data Quality Firewall, Address Verification and Product Classification to streamline your work flow.

  8. Dataloader.io

    dataladder io

    This tool provides a clean and simple interface where users can view, run, delete, create, edit, and schedule their tasks. It also features intelligent auto-mapping, keyboard shortcuts, search filters, and the capability to look up referenced objects based on the name, description or other data.

  9. WinPure


    This popular data cleansing and matching software offers the best data quality solutions for businesses of all sizes. It features a full set of tools to clean, complete, correct and transform data. Its one-click cleaning mode will process all the clean options across multiple columns at the same time.

    This software’s intelligent data matching engine is many times faster and more accurate than any other specialist data matching solutions.

  10. Melissa Cleanser


    Melissa Cleanser can help automate and prepare data for the cleansing process. Users can cleanse any type of data and achieve a higher standard of data quality for integration, warehousing, and analytics. The tool applies to different cleansing operations, to data integration and warehousing efforts.

There are many more tools that you can rely on. However, if your task involves bulk data correction that consumes a lot of your staff’s time, the better option is to contact an experienced data entry company to get the data cleansing tasks done for you.

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