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Well-implemented SEO Services Promote Global Branding

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides businesses with a full range of internet marketing services: SEO, Custom CMS, Shopping Cart Software, Newsletter Marketing and Print Media. As one of the largest distributors of laboratory equipment, medical equipment and machines to hospitals, doctor's office and reference laboratories in the US, our client came to us in 2009 looking for greater online product visibility.


They had a very wide range of products, but their rankings in the search results were poor. They were looking for a way to be found for their products in the search engines. They were also looking for a way to track their inventory internally.


MOS began implementing SEO systematically:

  • We started with the client's local business area (New York City) and then went on to implementing SEO nationally, and finally globally
  • We installed an out-of-the-box shopping cart solution, then customized it for our client
  • We searched out the best places for them to sell their products on the Internet
  • We created shopping feeds for their products
  • We then created a customized Content Management System (CMS) for them to use to upload pictures, articles and newsworthy information about their business
  • As time went by and their business grew, we also created an e-newsletter campaign for them which we continue to manage

Our client attends global trade shows and we design brochures and posters for them.

Our client is delighted with the results of our SEO strategies and our response to their problems. Each and every time our client came to us with a problem, we provided a solution. As you can see, SEO and Print Media are very different mediums, but we always strive to give the customer what they need, when they need it. Our client is still impressed with our Turnaround Time, our enthusiasm and our ability to help them market their products across multiple platforms.


In the first three months, they saw an overall general boost in rankings. After six months, they were starting to rank for some of their more competitive keywords. After the first year, their rankings had increased across the board by 200%. Because of the shopping feeds we created, they were able to market their products to prospects across the globe and increase brand awareness at the same time. Whenever this client has a need, we are the first people they contact for advice, for information and ultimately to ease their pain.

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