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White Balance and Photo Enhancement


When professional photo editors enhance digital photographs they often add certain flair to the photos and the photographs just start looking glamorous and lively. Quite often white balancing of the photo is required and this itself can greatly enhance the overall effect of a photograph. Adjusting the white balance and photo enhancement is a subtle art. Some of the common preset white balances setting in non digital cameras that may require a manual setting are as follows,

  • Daylight- If photo is taken in direct sunlight
  • Cloudy- when it is overcast/shadowy
  • Florescent-Florescent lighting environment
  • Incandescent/tungsten-regular bulbs and florescent lighting
  • Flash- this refers to the light that comes in from the built-in flash in a camera

The accuracy of color can be achieved by having the right white balance. Thus it actually compensates for the color temperature of the light source used. This adjustment can be done on your camera before shooting the picture with a camera, or can also me done on a computer after shooting the picture without adjustments.

The one thing to note is that while technically blue color is hotter and orange has a lower temperature, we humans are known to believe blue to be cool and orange to be warmer which is actually just the opposite.

The white balance tool is available in the digital editing software and it is very easily but skillfully used by the artists to create artistic or pop art with photos. Managed Outsource Solutions is US based photo enhancement and editing service provider that offers services in object removal, portrait glamorization, photograph restoration and photo repair services.

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