Website Design Practices that are Outdated

There are many web design practices that are now outdated and if your website is using them, it could get downgraded. Here are some signs that indicate your website design is outdated:

  • Site visitors ignore unreadable text – Your site will be useless if nobody can read what’s on it. Poor legibility may be due to the use of fonts that are small and complicated or poor contrast between your font and the background. Remember that readability is a crucial factor when a person visits your site.
  • Low screen resolution – Your customers think that you’re stuck somewhere in 1995 when the screen resolution used is 640 x 480. Today, with the advance in information technology, most online users prefer browser windows with screen resolutions of 1040 x 768, 800 x 600 or 1280 x 1024.
  • Hit counters are a thing in the past – Hit counters do not provide accurate information on how many online users clicked on your website. In fact, they are now outdated and unprofessional. Instead, use web tracking codes embedded on site pages to count site clicks.
  • Visitors don’t have patience with slowly loading pages – Your site needs to be revamped if any of your web pages takes more than four seconds to load. This could be due to several factors such as full-sized and uncropped images, using server intensive dynamic scripts, poor web host, uncompressed webpages, and excessive use of Flash.
  • No social media link = no recognition – Nowadays, everyone uses social media and so every business relies on social media to get online recognition and to promote their brand. Place links to your social media pages on your website so that online users can know about your company when they surf the net.

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