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Web Sites Design and Navigation


While designing a website professionally one should mainly know the website visitor’s point of view and how easy it should be for the site visitors to navigate within the different pages of the website. Thus for any one inside the website the three things have to be clear

  • Their present location in the site
  • The different pages they can go from the current page
  • The different activities possible within the site

One of the basic theories in navigation is the fact that it is best to keep the site’s navigation as simple as possible. Some of the basic rules for a simple navigation are:

  • Apart from the links within the page content one must keep/ provide permanent navigation links on the page.
  • Different colors and shapes or buttons should be used to differentiate the different types of navigations.
  • Navigation items should be bold, large in size, and clearly visible.
  • Clear text should describe the linking page and the linking purpose
  • Hyperlinks should be highlighted and must stand out from the rest of the text.
  • Reduce unnecessary links to the maximum and reduce the noise level for better experience and navigation.
  • It is best to have the logo on top of the screen followed by the navigations.
  • Provide different color settings for visited and unvisited links so that the visitor knows the links he has already used.

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