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The Necessity of Litigation Research


Litigation research is legal research and information search done before and during any trial or litigation. It is highly successful in predicting case outcome. It makes us aware of the risks involved and plan strategies to be adopted.

Litigation research involves legal searching and information searching that may be done during or before any trial or litigation and includes, pre-trial jury research studies with detailed data collection, analysis and reporting. Litigation research also performs customized trial simulation studies that are designed to fit specific case development time frame and resources.

Professional Litigation research may include the following:

  • Series of custom pre-trial jury research studies with detailed analysis
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Practice in witness orientation
  • Customized trial simulation/Litigation Animation
  • Witness orientation to accomplish successful witness performance in front of jurors
  • Perform a jury feedback form review.

Litigation research should be done by professional lawyers who are having considerable experience in all aspects of litigation research. Two types of searches are done during a litigation research. One is searching for actual facts by asking questions such as who, what, when etc in various fields like chemistry or agriculture among others. The second is research involving searching and identifying the precise laws that are fully relevant and have to be applied for the litigation.

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