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The Logic of Legal Outsourcing to India


Besides the time lawyers spend in courts, for hearings and litigation, the rest of the time is used to communicate with clients, do legal research or prepare documents for cases. Active law firms and attorney offices are most of the time preparing documents and support from paralegal services are frequently availed to cope up with the paper work.

A recent but highly economical option available to legal communities nowadays is legal outsourcing the works to professional BPO firms globally to get a better cost effective service. When compared to the investment in time and money made between maintaining one’s own back office with staff to get the work done and outsourcing, outsourcing of back office processes is more preferable. Let me give an ideal example.

Assuming that it is an evening and one has suddenly come up with the need for some extensive research and document preparation which has to be done at the earliest. One will have to either do the job one-selves, or get the work done by back-office staff who will require to work till late in the night and get the documents ready for the next day. Over-time work for the staff will obviously mean paying extra money for the extra work done during off office hours. Let us say, it comes to around 60 dollars. Now, is there any way where you spend less than 25 dollars and still have that quality document on your desk the next day morning? Yes there is. Let me show how.

As people walk out of offices after a hard days work in the USA, their counterparts in India are getting ready to start a new day. This is due to the almost 12 hour difference in time between the two countries that are diametrically opposite to each other on the globe. And every one knows how wages in India compares to the wages in the west, especially for a day job. So if you just uploaded your scanned files in the evening and sent it across to your support in India before leaving for home, they will be doing the research, and typing up your precious documents while you get a good night’s sleep. And yes, also saving you money.

Managed Outsource Solutions a US based BPO pioneer, has offshore facilities in India and the Philippines.

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