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Specialties in Legal Transcription


Specialities in Legal TranscriptionScanSoft Introduces Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 8, Delivers Breakthrough in Speech Recognition Needed by Legal Sector ScanSoft, Inc., the global leader of speech and imaging solutions, announced Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 8, a new release of the world’s most accurate speech recognition solution designed specifically for law firms and legal professionals. It allows Firms and Individual Law Professionals to use Speech Recognition to increases productivity and reduce cost. Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal converts speech into text at up to 160 words per minute, reducing or eliminating the costs associated with manually creating documents and transcripts.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 8 speech-enables almost all Microsoft Windows applications, including most practice management systems, as well as Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect and Lotus Notes. It is very easy to automate the capture of documents, forms, emails and other materials, legal professionals can eliminate the time and expense associated with manual legal transcription services, ultimately improving client service through faster document turnaround.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 8 represents a breakthrough in speech recognition capabilities for legal professionals and organizations, including: Accuracy, Mobility, Specialty, and Compatibility.

  • Accuracy – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 8 achieves incomparable speech recognition accuracy, and delivering up to 99% of overall accuracy and more than 25% improvement over the previous release.
  • Mobility – The new release provides a breakthrough in mobility through its Roaming User capability. Where in the past users were limited to using speech recognition on a dedicated PC, ScanSoft’s Roaming User feature implements patent-pending technology that allows a legal professional to use speech recognition from any PC within the local network.
  • Specialty – The solution delivers a breakthrough in supporting a specialized legal vocabulary with more than 25,000 legal terms, and formatting capabilities.
  • Compatibility – Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal 8 provides seamless speech input capabilities with existing practice management systems.

The advantages of Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal8 are it has sensitive voice command. Accurate voice recognition, and support for PDAs. And the disadvantages are its requiring large memory and not Mac compatible and its tech support is costly.

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