There are several different types of document scanners on the market. Wide-format scanners play an important role in the production of high-quality graphics and images. Such scanners can help with large-format paper drawings and plans, mainly for industries such as construction, architecture, engineering and manufacturing and planning departments. Document scanning services are critical, mainly for… Read More »

The real estate industry is a large and influential sector of the US economy and includes not only brokers and agents, but also real estate developers, investors and others. It is a paper-intensive sector and real estate agents deal with large amounts of paper documents everyday related to sale and rental agreements, mortgage contracts, lease… Read More »

Now, of all times, there is a great need for patient centricity and this calls for medical document scanning and electronic health records. With ever-growing data of patients, there is a requirement to effectively store and manage it. Ignoring speculations about security, many hospitals and even small clinics make use of the cloud to store… Read More »

As paperwork or printing work is more time-consuming, most SMBs (small and medium businesses) are investing in paper scanning technology. Document scanning and imaging services can improve speed and agility in workstations. These solutions are becoming an integral part of business entities for big data handling or analytics. According to a Transparency Market Research report,… Read More »

Businesses, government entities, healthcare organizations, academic and non-academic organizations have either completely transformed to a digital environment or are in the process of digital transformation. In this momentous transition, document scanning companies have proven to be valuable partners. Apart from paper documents, organizations also have data stored in microfilm and microfiche. Libraries have numerous books… Read More »

Digitization has boomed in recent years due to the mass adoption of connected digital services by consumers, enterprises, and governments. Successful digital platforms have emerged as a major driver and enabler of socioeconomic benefits for businesses as well as cultural institutions, research organizations and others. Entities transitioning to the digital world utilize document scanning services… Read More »

Digital imaging services are of great help for any industry to address the challenges posed by voluminous piles of physical documents. A recent report by Transparency Market Research predicts the global document imaging market to reach US$153.05 billion by 2025, which is much higher than US$48.16 bn in 2016. The market is also likely to… Read More »

Optical character recognition (OCR) and document scanning services are key strategies in document management. Document scanning involves converting paper documents into digital files for easy storage in an electronic archive or database, which allows the files to be retrieved and shared easily. OCR allows documents to be converted and saved as editable text. Document scanning… Read More »

Document scanning services continues to gain popularity and credibility across all areas of business as it ensures better security and confidentiality of critical data. Document scanning and imaging is an informative technology solution that uses advanced equipment like scanners, cameras and software. Advanced document capture software enables efficient capturing and scanning of documents. It also… Read More »

Document scanning and imaging for digitization purposes has become an essential element in any business organization. Digitization is widely used in many sectors such as insurance, legal, medical, media and entertainment and other business sectors. Digitized documents ensure safety, easy storage and quick retrieval of data. It also allows editing of digitized data using advanced… Read More »

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