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Restoring Damaged Photographs


Quite often one comes across houses that have trunks full of photographs from the past. These photographs are often very dear to the elderly. But often, they are not able to enjoy these old photographs even though these photos have been a constant source of joy and sentiments to them. This is mainly because the photos are either very faded or the print is no more clear. Old faces on photo cannot be easily recognized because of discoloration and other degradations in the photographs, besides of course the diminishing eyesight of the person.

How can one bring back life into these photographs of old times? Can you bring back the beaming face of your long expired grandfather into a life size color image from an old black and white? Will you do it for your grandmother who still survives in his memories? Yes it is possible. You can make that perfect gift for your grandmother by restoring and enhancing an old photograph. Digital technology today has greatly evolved and by using advanced image editing software available today, a good digital artist can work on any old photo and enhance and perfect it to an extent so that it comes alive.

Many online service providers offer photo editing services. Old photographs are digitized by scanning them and later worked upon. Some of the types of photo restoration work possibilities include,

  • Include missing parts in photo
  • Remove yellowing
  • Add color to black and whites
  • Eye enhancement
  • Removing spots, tears, blemishes etc
  • Enlarging the photo without loosing resolution
  • Skin tone changes

Besides restoring damaged photographs it is also possible to make different changes to the images in any photographs. Depending on ones personal choice one can now replace objects and people from photographs without any trace of having done so. It is also possible to completely or partially replace the photo’s background. With a little bit of imagination it is possible to have a lot of fun.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a BPO service provider based in the USA and offers highly professional yet quite affordable damaged photos restoration services, besides other services like portrait glamorization, photo editing and photo touch up services to clients within the country and also globally.

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Rajeev R

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