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Purpose of Data Processing and Conversion


Data processing generally refers to the computer based process of converting any data into information or knowledge. Once data is accumulated from different sources like papers, disks, magazines, audio recordings etc, it first undergoes digitization and is then systematically arranged so that it becomes possible for us to have instant access to any information from that data.

Data processing can also mean data conversion where one file format of data is converted into another format. This is done to allow data interoperability between two computer applications, or for making it possible for a set of data to use better features. We know that a regular text file does not support all features available in a word processing program. Hence there comes the need for conversion.

Any conversion has to be done without loss of information and this is possible only when both the source file format and target formats support the same features.
Some examples of data/document conversions are:

  • HTML conversion
  • XML conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • SGML conversion
  • Book conversion
  • CAD conversion

Besides changing the file format other data/ document conversion processes include processes like image conversion, book conversion, catalog conversion, document conversion, internet publishing, OCR cleanup, and the like.

The data conversion process starts with data collection followed by other data entry services like data analysis, data capture, data conversion and data validation.

Today professional online data processing outsource services are available that allows raw data from one end of the globe to be processed at other global locations. India and the Philippines are two BPO destinations preferred for their quality of work and affordability. Managed Outsource Solutions has facilities in both these countries and can be contacted for your all data processing and conversion needs.

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