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Photo Repair and Restoration


Photographs do get damaged due to many reasons. Some of the popular reasons for damages to photographs especially those from years include:

  • Falling of tear drops on photo
  • Coffee, blood stains
  • Yellowing due to paper quality and age
  • Chemicals change over time
  • Bends in corners
  • Cracks on sides and surface
  • Peeling away of the top layer in photos due to aging
  • Careless handling by children
  • Tearing away a portion of photo (while removing from an album)
  • Fading

There are many instances when some one tears away a photograph in a fit of rage only to repent later and later wanting to repair it. One can always approach professional photo editing service providers who are available both online and offline. Online photo editing and repairing services available today is very convenient and cost effective as job works can now be outsourced to locations any where on the globe.

There are many modern methods and techniques to repair and restore damaged photographs. Modern digital technology gives us the flexibility to not only restore the photos back to its original glory but also further enhance it to make it look livelier. This is done on a computer or a digital studio using a good photo editor program. Some of the better known photo editor software includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Photo repair and restoration can be done following different methods. However, first the photos are scanned and digitized. Once digitized they can be imported as image files and worked upon to:

  • Restore missing parts of a photo
  • Get back lost color
  • Removing blemishes, stains, tears
  • Change background color
  • Blow up size of picture

Off late, many professional studios have started outsourcing their entire rolls of photos for editing on a contract basis and they are finding it very economical in terms of both time and money. Repairing of old photos requires them to just scan and digitize the old photos before loading them online to the online service providers.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a global player in outsourcing based in the USA and offers highly affordable photograph repair and restoration services besides other services like, photo retouching service , photo coloring and portrait glamorization to clients within and outside the country.

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