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Outsource Your Medical Data Entry to India


Medical Data EntryThe world outsourcing industry is expanding at a fast rate and the major share of the outsourcing industry is going to India. Medical outsourcing primarily involves medical transcription, medical coding, medical billing, insurance claim data entry, and the like. Almost 10% of all transcription in the US is outsourced as the process is known to make the doctors focus better on the patients and consistently save on time.

Some reasons why India is a good medical data entry outsourcing destination

  • Cost effectiveness, cheaper wages
  • Timely diagnosis
  • Expert biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • Quality data research personnel
  • Reduced TAT and competitive price
  • Talented medical professionals
  • favourable time zone difference
  • Modern technology and infrastructure
  • Innovative teleradiology

Many Indian companies are now offering medical transcription at a fixed monthly charge for independent doctors and specialists. A vast pool of educated youth who are proficient and fluent in the Engish language, have developed the required computer and language skills. This makes India a superior candidate for all types of medical data entry outsourcing from the developed countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Medical document coding, medical documentation and such related services are now increasingly being outsourced to India, besides other processes like call center operations, business transcription and web development services. Even clinical laboratory test procedures are today sent to India as it is a cheaper option with no comp[romises on time or quality.

Managed Outsource solutions is a US based BPO leader that can be contacted. It has its own state of art facilities in India and has good experience and access to highly talented medical BPO fraternity.

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