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Online Stores and Catalog Conversion


Catalog ConversionCatalog conversion services for online stores consist of converting paper catalogs to the web, building web-based catalogs from scratch and updating online catalogs into electronic format. A variety of trade sources like websites, physical catalogs, digitally shot images can be used for catalogs processing. Pictures or photographs that highlight your services or products can be printed for your catalog. Large volumes of photo editing for online catalogs can be offered. Online stores offer great opportunity for clients to select their desired format for catalog conversion.

To endow with superior catalog conversion services, the online stores utilize the most sophisticated catalog software for catalog updating. PDF conversion of catalog can be rendered along with conversion of data from books, paper document and scanned images to and from various formats like HTML, XML, XHTML, PDF, MS word, MS excel, access, tiff and so on.

Online catalog conversion offers easy transfer of electronic documents over email or the internet. Various processes are employed for converting documents such as, pre-processing of documents where they are arranged in sequence for scanning. The scanned images are then converted to desirable formats and indexed for future retrieval. Re-scanning is also done to update the database.

In addition to catalog conversion, catalog processing services include re-sizing of document to different size options for normal, thumbnail or zoom view, image cropping to enhancement and retouching. Catalog conversion services ensure 99% quality levels followed by strict quality control measures.

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