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Medical Coding for the Insurance Sector


Medical coding or medical classification is assigning of specific codes for the various types of medical procedures and diagnosis. Entire range of medical diseases can be tracked using these medical codes. These medical codes are used by many sectors including the insurance companies and it goes into a patient’s medical record.

The insurance company publishes the codes that have to be used during the insurance claim process. Without using the right codes it is not possible to claim the insurance money. The medical codes are integrated with the medical billing and claiming processes.

The four basic types of medical codes are:

  • Diagnostic codes (disease and symptoms
  • Procedural codes (health interventions)
  • Pharmaceutical (for all medications)
  • Topographical codes (for different locations in the body)

ICD-9-CM coding refers to International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification that is used for identifying all types of diseases. The CPT coding is an acronym for Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) which is used to distinguish between the different procedures performed by the medical and paramedical staff.

Medical coding software is a tool used during the various processes that include medical transcription, medical billing, medical coding and the medical claim process. Today the medical coding is a specialized growing industry with professional coding specialists. Technicians who specialize in coding are called health information coders, abstractors, or medical record coders. Technology even allows coders to work from their homes. Due to the demand for coding work the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) is encouraging all medical transcriptionists to learn to code.

Managed Outsource Solutions an outsourcing BPO services provider based in the USA offers professional medical coding solutions at various levels.

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