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Medical Billing


Most persistent Web-based practice management solution suite in the industry

Billing is quite the most important task in medical transcription and quite a huge task too, not because it is difficult but because of lack of any standardized format for billing process. It has turned out to be supposedly one of the controversial, misunderstood, misrepresented, and mistreated concepts in the industry. Though everyone does complain about it, still the ambiguity surrounding this issue continues. However technology progress over the past few years has paved the way for some standardization. A comprehensive medical billing software package has come into force. You can tailor the software to meet your needs. It is a full-featured medical billing and scheduling solution and an extremely flexible Electronic Medical Records management system utilizing Web-based technology means no expensive hardware to purchase or maintain, no software to install, no manual data back-ups and amazing security that meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements. It can effectively operate your company by managing the billing, reporting, patient maintenance including demographic details, insurance information, billing history and more.

About Rajeev R

Rajeev R

Manages the day-to-day operations of MOS from NY. With an interest in information technology, Rajeev has guided MOS to extensive use of digital technology and the internet that benefits MOS as well as MOS clients.