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Litigation Support Software


Lawyers are getting addicted to technology probably for the better. One cannot imagine a lawyer without a PC or a laptop these days. A laptop is not just handy but become indispensable for a lawyer during litigation in court. This is because litigation support software on a notebook computer can do things that seem impossible and cannot be matched or replaced by any human being. For example, it can do all the following by itself and support the lawyer during litigation.

  • Take verbatim notes in court
  • Display the right exhibit to jury
  • Find a case law against opponent
  • Pinpoint mistake of a witness

No wonder the legal community has made laptops part of their attire in court. There are many types of litigation support programs available today to choose from, and it is up to the law firm or the lawyer to decide on the program depending on their specific needs. Some of the different functions possible with various litigation support programs include:

  • Organize legal specific database
  • Document imaging
  • Trial presentation/graphics
  • Helps to find evidence/fact patterns
  • Simplify case analysis
  • Real time transcription
  • Support interaction from groups in different locations
  • OCR, data capture
  • Make available financial/ statistical information
  • E-Discovery document management
  • E-mail processing
  • Tracking Translation

There are many types of litigation support software available in the market. One of the most successful, well known and established litigation database management software is Concordance.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based business process services outsourcing pioneer from USA and offers its clients globally a wide range of legal services both online and offline. With offshore facilities in India and the Philippines we offer legal outsourcing services including, litigation support, legal document review, legal research, legal animation, legal transcription and legal web designing to clients globally and in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

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