Getting to the Bottom of Litigation Coding

Litigation coding or legal coding, involves the creation of keyword data or summary from a document. The process is particularly required in the legal profession for creating document databases or quick-search index for use in litigation, hence the name “litigation coding”.

Role of LPO in Predictive Coding

A business process outsourcing company can help organizations and law firms with reliable e-discovery and predictive coding solutions. Predictive coding is changing e-discovery strategy. It can be simply explained as one of the effective methods to gain control over increased volume of data. Today, the concept is well accepted in the legal industry, as its… Read More »

What is Litigation Coding Services?

Litigation coding, otherwise known as legal document coding is a form of data entry in which batches of legal documents are captured and indexed to make the sorting and searching process easier. Litigation coding services are of great benefit for attorneys, legal advisors and legal concerns, as they can access the required information in a… Read More »

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