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Legal Transcription Outsourcing


 Legal Transcription OutsourcingThe legal industry around the world is gradually turning towards outsourcing for gaining efficiencies and staying profitable. The fact has been recognized that legal companies need to focus on their core competencies and leave back office processes like legal research, support in drafting of legal memos and assembling data in the case of litigations, claims and patents to the hands of outsourcers. Reliable, prompt, and cost effective legal transcription services are provided to save valuable time and money for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Legal Professionals who cannot afford to loose their precious time. The use of state- of- the-art legal transcription software is coupled with educated transcriptionists.

In general the information from courtrooms is recorded into a tape or into a digital voice processing systems. Quality legal digital transcription services are done using client’s digital voice recordings at an affordable rate and high quality service. This is then transferred to hard documentation using transcriptionists and computer word processors. Legal transcriptionists prepares legal documents both from written and dictated information’s and perform other typical duties like drafting and filing legal documents, calendaring and tracking important deadlines, assists attorneys to prepare for trials, documents relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit, organizes and maintains client files, uses computers and related software as well as other reference materials to research and document law, and prepare or transcribe the documents involved. These transcriptionists will have experience in a variety of legal areas, and can handle any volume on 24/7, 365 bases with 99% accuracy along with secure browser based transfer of files

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