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Legal Outsourcing and Affordability


Will legal outsourcing make law affordable to all? In any country the ability to access the law and courts usually dependents upon its affordability. Other factors like having the awareness and information of the different services and one’s physical location also are to be considered. Importantly the number and distribution of legal practitioners always determines the affordability. The age old rule of demand and supply is applicable here as well.

In the United States and other developed countries if one had to consult a good attorney and avail his services he would charge not less than 250 dollars for an hour. In the UK alone, about 800 million pounds a year is spent on lawyers’ fees under the civil legal aid system and another 150 million pounds a year from government, charities and businesses. A legal emergency can be as devastating as a car accident for the average citizen in both these countries.

Many solutions like legal insurance, and prepaid services for making legal services affordable have been suggested. One of the best solutions today however is legal outsourcing. Consider the availability of a large pool of efficient lawyers who suddenly have decided to cut the fees down to less than 50%. Now isn’t that great news? Yes, that is a possibility through legal outsourcing.
Law firms today can take up cases and legal /litigation support work in bigger quantum and conveniently outsource most of the back office, documentation, litigation review, legal research and other procedures to these law professionals in offshore locations. As these services are very cheap (high profile lawyers are available for less than 60 dollars an hour in India) both the law firm and the client can gain a lot by outsourcing.

There are English educated professional and experienced lawyers in India who are training themselves thoroughly in all aspects of the American law and are ready to give their services at a fraction of the cost for similar work done by a law professional in the United States. The distance between the two countries is not an obstacle anymore. Technology and communication has really won over challenges of distances. Also the money spent on paralegal or legal secretarial work (which is often a big chunk of the expense) is cut down to a fraction by outsourcing.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a legal outsourcing services provider based in the US with specialized services in legal documentation, legal transcription, legal animation, legal research and more.

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