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Legal Industry Monitor-a new daily electronic newsletter


Legal Industry Monitor is a daily electronic newsletter to be launched on June by LexisNexis U.S.- a leading provider of information and legal services. Legal Industry Monitor delivers a variety of news and information listing from law firms and industries.

The Legal Industry Monitor will include headlines from the World Wide Web coverage of the top legal firms, and from several other key publications. The news will included the latest additions to the comprehensive content provided by LexisNexis. Customers get the most comprehensive collection of legal, news and business content critical to managing their business and practice. LexisNexis offers the legal market almost twice as much as news and business information as any other provider including more than 10,000 sources not available together through other online services.

Legal Industry Monitor is an important addition to the existing suite of research solutions offered by LexisNexis. The Legal Industry Monitor including:

The most comprehensive collection of published and unpublished case law containing case summary and headnotes. It provides the legal market with nearly two times the news sources of any other online provider. Get complete legal analysis from different legal authorities like Nimmer, Appleman and Chisum


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