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IT Outsourcing


Software/IT Outsourcing is a technological parlance becoming highly popular these days, almost everyone in the IT industry is talking about it. Sadly, not everyone fully understand how it works, and what are the danger signs to watch out for, hence not everyone shares a common success story.

IT outsourcing, by itself, is simply delegating to a third party known as an outsource service provider, independently managing a business or a group of reliable, highly far-advanced IT professionals, the execution of non-core functions. By non-core functions, we commonly refer to repetitive tasks that are not directly, revenue-producing.

By delegating these tasks to an outsource provider, you can deliver focused attention to your company’s competencies and execute inimitable solutions that can generate more revenues. The enigma lies on getting the best IT services at far lower cost than shifting the gears back to traditional recruitment and hiring of local manpower which is, ironically, more expensive.

Analogous to the definition given, Software outsourcing is synergizing technical expertise on  software development among computer engineers and managers, on location outside of the company. Outsourced technical experts work on real-time, closely monitored phase after phase of their work , by their client who rely heavily on high-end communication facilities. This guarantees quantified progress and quality of work within designated time frames.

The term “offshore” refers to the location of outsourcing providers who, most likely, reside and have base of operations, overseas.

One of today’s most technically and academically equipped service providers, is India. Outsourcing services to India, where cost of living is lower than its foreign counterparts like US, Western Europe, United Kingdom and Canada, is by far, one of the most viable options often resorted to by global companies belonging to the top 500 of Fortune’s list.

Yet, just like in any business, perils can also lurk disguised as reputable software/IT outsource provider, but may turn out to be less equipped technologically. This is where the old adage “look before you jump” can apply.

In the overall analysis, companies who succeed in finding a reputable outsource service provider are on better footing than those who don’t. Software/IT Offshore outsourcing promises host of advantages such as: cut-back on costs, access to technological expertise, and faster accomplishment of purpose.

Success is relative to building up of good relationship. In offshore outsourcing, more than technical expertise, the attainment of compatibility, reliability, trustworthiness and respect are the cornerstones upon which success can be built. Offshore outsourcing of software/IT services to India, Philippines, Canada, Australia or anywhere in the world will remain as a high-risk venture, often perilous, yet nothing can be as rewarding for your business.