Reading is a favorite pastime of many people around the globe and carrying books around with them is not always possible. This has led to the emergence of digital books through eBook conversion. Now, people are becoming more inclined towards reading on electronic media that offers a number of advantages over print media. Digital books… Read More »

e-Books have influenced people’s way of reading as well as publishing books to a great extent. Digital books facilitate easy reading and are also less expensive compared to printing hard copy. Printed materials can be converted into widely accepted e-Book formats such as ePub and Kindle. A number of ebook conversion tools are available for… Read More »

E-books have a number of advantages over traditional paper books such as cost effectiveness, easy access to information, portability, high capacity, safe storage and adjustable fonts, provision to add comments and notes to a page and save time on traveling to libraries. Digital books are also very easy to sell and distribute. According to the… Read More »

EBook formats, designed specifically for reading digital books and periodicals are of great relevance and immensely popular nowadays. Limitations in physical storage do not apply to eBooks and they are an efficient means to store and organize information. Moreover, an eBook can be simultaneously accessed by thousands of users and they can have access to… Read More »

The growing importance of online media is driving the demand for e-books. Interest in e-book usage is rising slowly in school libraries, according to recent report. Many authors and publishers looking to e-pub conversion to expand outreach, capture the attention of a larger audience, and increase sales. Recently, Smashwords, a self-publishing and e-book distribution platform… Read More »

In today’s publishing environment, conversion of backlist titles to ebook format is a smart move. The so-called ‘backlist’ comprises books kept in print because of their popularity over the years. While new titles come with promotion costs and other expenses, backlist book sales don’t need too much of investment and so most of which comes… Read More »

Self publishing is at an all-time high. New data from Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information management solutions, the number of self-published titles entering the marketplace has gone up five times since 2007. Bowker also reports that ebooks now comprise 40% of all ISBNs purchased, up from 11% in 2007. E-books are outselling… Read More »

More and more people are now accessing books and other reading material on their smartphones and tablets and other digital devices, and authors and publishers who are looking to reach out to a wider audience need to convert their publications into eBook format. Mobipocket, a globally accepted eBook format, is a great choice as it… Read More »

One of the greatest advantages of the Sony Reader is its versatility. It supports a wide variety of e-book file formats. You can convert many documents and e-books into a format that is readable on the Sony Reader using Sony’s own software or other comprehensive e-book sofwares such as Calibre. One of the latest developments… Read More »

Until now, entities in the e-Publishing industry had to select from different formatting options when converting a book into digital format to be read on various mobile devices such as Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook and iPad. The eBook conversion industry didn’t have a common formatting standard that would help customers read eBooks in one format… Read More »

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