eBook Conversion

Technical development and state-of-the-art reading devices that provide an experience similar to reading an actual book are the main reasons for the popularity of e-books. Most authors and publishers rely on eBook conversion companies to convert physical books into digital format. The success of your eBook depends on attracting more readers. Here are top five… Read More »

Ebook Conversion Services

The demand for eBooks is surging, driven by technological advancements, the development of sophisticated reading devices, the rapid adoption of smartphones, and the multilingual features of eBooks, and their potential to protect the environment. Designing, formatting and creating an eBook and getting it ready for publication is a highly technical process that requires expertise. Hiring… Read More »


Ebooks have made reading more accessible than ever. The popularity of e-books has hit new levels with social distancing requirements and lockdowns. Authors can rely on ebook conversion services to transform their work into digital format and choose from a multitude of eBook publishing platforms to reach a vast audience. Today, many authors are choosing… Read More »

Ebook Conversion

As the demand for digital content grows, more and more publishers are digitizing their physical books. Publishers rely on eBook conversion companies to convert physical books, magazines, white papers, reports, and other material into reader-friendly digital content with rich features. With the coronavirus lockdowns, eBooks and reading apps are thriving. Advantages of eBooks include: saves… Read More »


Compared to printed books, eBooks provide diverse benefits such as allowing readers to enjoy any number of books with just one device – tablet, smartphone or any other. Businesses create eBooks mainly to improve leads and help prospects make their purchase decisions. Statista report estimates that over 191 million e-books were sold in the United… Read More »


With the concept of digitization improving efficiency and workflow in a business organization, it is no secret that organizations in almost all sectors are switching to digitization and the legal sector is no exception in this regard. eBooks have become popular in today’s competitive world as these provide greater flexibility and convenience to readers. With… Read More »


Whether during a vacation, or at home, the summer season offers more time to read books from your favorite writers. E-books offer many benefits than printed books, mainly because readers get to enjoy any number of books or novels in just one device, let that be an e-reader, tablet or smartphone. Many reliable brands such… Read More »


An update to the blog, “Benefits of Reading Traditional Books and Ebooks” Lower costs, portability and device friendly formats are the main reasons for the growing popularity of eBooks over printed books. It is important for publishers and writers to stick to standard eBook formats to ensure the eBook can be read on all devices… Read More »

eBook Conversion

Unlike printing books, digital publishing tools have only a short list of processes in creating eBooks in any file formats. eBook conversion service can transform your eBooks into recognizable file formats for any device, making them easily accessible to readers. Digital publishing process usually begins with eBook conversion. At times, it happens that you may… Read More »

EPub to MOB

Many people enjoy reading and listening to online books and it is one the most favorite pastimes. There are many ebooks available online that makes reading easier without having to carry heavy physical books. Digital books can also be easily downloaded using your computer, smartphone, laptop or any other digital device with the use of… Read More »

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