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E-Publishing Services


E-Publishing is the process of publishing information in an electronic format. One can find many e-books (electronic books) and these are slowly but steadily replacing the conventional paper books. Thus it is the ideal replacement for old paper books. Many hard copy novels and books have been converted into digital formats and are sold over the internet.

E-publishing and E-book conversion services are offered by many companies who have a good web presence and expertise in using conversion software. They convert the documents or paper based matter into various electronic formats. One of the common type of published e-book document format is the PDF format.

Many libraries, archives and government institutions are in the process of digitizing most of their old documents, books and papers etc into electronic files for the future generations to refer. The common types of e-publishing include E-brochures, Ezines (electronic magazines) e-journals, e-books, e-research papers, and other scholarly papers.

Some of the advantages of availing a good E-publishing services company may include:

  • Conversion from a variety of formats
  • High speed/volume conversion process
  • Cost effective publishing
  • Customized services
  • Round the clock support to clients
  • Accepts DCL, XML, PDF, SGML, HTML and other structural formats
  • Online and offline e-book conversion
  • On-time delivery and commitment

Managed Outsource Solutions is based in the US and has been a BPO services provider specializing in all types of data conversion, data entry, data processing, data mining, data management and more.

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