Organizational efficiency translates to work simplification. Published in 1950, an interesting article based on work simplification in a paper-based office says that this means three things: Activities should be productive Activity should be arranged to ensure smooth flow from operation to operation in a process or a balanced motion pattern for an operator at a… Read More »

Most healthcare practices have huge volume of paper based patient medical documents that take up a significant amount of storage space. These documents have to be kept safe from damage and misplacement. Moreover, filing and accessing these documents can be a cumbersome task. With the US government going forward with the full scale implementation of… Read More »

Microfiche was once considered an effective way to store important files and documents. However, technological advancement opened up the doors to digital storage. Many businesses still have a lot of confidential information on microfiche, and it’s very likely that they would have considered investing in a microfiche reader. A microfiche reader can make around 1… Read More »

OCR or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document scanning offers many advantages for legal professionals. If you are a busy lawyer looking for efficient digital documentation solutions, simply creating images of scanned documents using traditional scanning methods would pose many limitations. OCR, on the other hand, allows you to convert your documents and images into usable… Read More »

Healthcare providers are striving to achieve a smooth transition to EMR (Electronic Health Records) before the 2014/2015 deadline. The healthcare industry faces unique information management challenges. Thousands of healthcare records in paper format have to be digitized and merged with their electronic records system. Document scanning services are designed to make this task easier. A… Read More »

Aperture cards help archive engineering drawings, blueprints, technical diagrams or plans and allow multiple copies of these documents to be produced for easy distribution. An aperture card is a punched card containing a small microfilm chip. Aperture card scanning allows the information on these cards to be digitally preserved. This is a great way to… Read More »

Businesses are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. One great way to do this is by reducing the use of paper and going in for digital document storage solutions. Scanning documents and storing them on a hard drive is a very effective way of reducing paper use as well as saving valuable storage space… Read More »

With the advancement of technology, information has now become digital and can be easily accessed through various digital devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. However, many organizations still rely on microfiche to store important records as it involves little risk of damage or loss. But using microfiche poses many problems: They can… Read More »

Research has revealed that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the corporate sector are set to increase considerably in 2013. The survey was conducted among 300 M&A professionals in the United States. According to 76% of the respondents, their company is likely to make at least one acquisition in 2013. Sixty percent of M&A professionals reported… Read More »

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