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Designing a Data Entry Form


Data entry or forms processing is a very common process nowadays. It is very important to design the data entry form properly. Many companies are not aware of the problems that may be encountered in the future without a professionally designed data entry form. One of the main reasons for this is that the forms are usually designed by graphic designers who consider the aesthetic value more than the operational efficiency.

A well planned and designed form will save a lot of time and money in the long run. Some of the points to be considered while designing a data entry form are:

  • Have a constrained form that restricts writing within a grid
  • Numbering each question or area
  • Using check boxes
  • Assign form ID numbers
  • Avoid document folds or restrict folds to 2
  • Avoid stick-on labels
  • Allocate appropriate field size
  • Registration points for scanning the documents
  • Using bar-codes for ID numbers

It is ideal to keep the length of the data entry form short so that all areas are used effectively. A long questioner or survey form is known to be incomplete most of the time. Also the use of self mailers is more economical and may be preferred to paper envelops. For all your data entry requirements, do contact Managed Outsource Solutions a US based BPO pioneer.

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